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News - 2nd July 2012



Horror is one of the most misunderstood genres in the film canon. Maybe it is assumed to be just low-brow entertainment, delivered within budget in the most shocking way possible. But films in the horror genre can delve deeper into our psyche than we might like, forcing us to confront some of our deepest conflicts and fears. In Irish film, horror is a relatively underrepresented genre as, with a few exceptions, Irish filmmakers tend to explore themes that concern them, through other story vehicles.

Stitches is the second major horror-comedy feature film by Conor McMahon. His first, Dead Meat being a hugely successful zombie horror-comedy. Suffice to say, that Stitches centres on a clown who becomes a victim at a children's party he is performing at. Fast forward, the same children now having a 16th birthday party, but Stitches the clown also decides to come along as well- for, what one could only describe as the performance of his career. And so the characters find themselves not only at a completely different party to what was planned, but in the best tradition of horror, one where survival is the name of the game.

In the horror genre, sound is truly 'half the picture' and having worked with Conor on Dead Meat, Ardmore Sound looked forward in anticipation to another trip into the dark, bringing everything a soundtrack can, to the movie, to greatest effect possible.

This review on Planet Fury called it " of the best movies I have seen this year. Forget pigeonholing it into genre; Stitches hit every single beat in both horror and comedy, with well-executed gore, suspense, comedy, timing, storytelling, etc..." and give it a rare must have distribution accolade: " absolute will bring back the joy that even the most jaded horror lover can often feel. Stitches won me over, and to be quite honest, at this point in my movie-watching career, I hate most things. This is a movie that absolutely needs to come to the U.S. So will someone please sign the deal? Thanks."

You can read the full review here but be warned, it does contain a spoiler!

We wish Stitches, Conor, Fantastic Films and Tailored Films every success with its future release- in the long evenings of Holloween....

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