ADR Recording Tech Spec
ADR Recording Tech Spec
ADR Recording Tech Spec

Please provide the following in advance of your ADR session with us:

Picture: PAL or NTSC Quicktime (HD DNX 36, 1920x1080) with Burnt In Time Code (BITC) at the top centre of the picture.

Sound: Split guide track in sync with Picture, Dialogue on track 1, Music and Fx on track 2.

Cue Sheets: Cue sheets should be provided in 2 formats, 1 copy for the talent and 1 copy for the engineer with timecode and the lines.

We require the above at least 12 working hours prior to the start of the session. The picture and guide should be delivered via FTP or secure digital delivery service such as Aspera Connect or Media Shuttle. We can also accept delivery via FTP transfer for an additional charge. If delivery is to be via FTP transfer please commence transfer at least 48 hours prior to start of the session.

Recording: We record to Pro Tools Ultimate 2018.12.

Please specify your preferred settings for the following;


File format

Film speed

Bit depth

Video format

Sample rate

Pull up/down

Delivery: Please specify how the ADR should be delivered. We can place it on our FTP server or upload it to a client FTP server.

Ardmore Sound Contact: Alan Collins, +353 1 2865868,

Main Stage / Ardmore Sound ISDN Numbers:





Main Stage / Ardmore Sound Skype: ardmore.sound

ADR Studio / Screen Scene ISDN Numbers:




ADR Studio / Screen Scene Skype: screensceneadr

Source Connect: ardmoresound