Foley Tech Spec
Foley Tech Spec
Foley Tech Spec

Please provide the following prior to a Foley recording session at Ardmore Sound:

Picture for recording session: PAL or NTSC HDDNX 36, 1920 x 1080 QuickTime movie, with Burnt In Time Code (BITC) centered at the top of the picture, out of frame if possible.

Sound: Split guide track in sync with Picture, Dialogue on track 1, Music and FX on track 2.

EDL: Video only EDL for the show in CMX 3600 format, all dissolves should be displayed as cuts. This should be emailed to the Supervising Sound Editor to check against picture in advance of the session.

Character List: Include photographs of the characters if possible

Surface List: Gravel, wood floor, tile, marble, carpet on wood/hard surface etc

Foley Notes: Please check with foley crew prior to spotting. Please give 'don't do's' (in bold font) and clear scenes.

Props: Please note any specific or unusual prop needs to be brought to our attention in advance of the session.

We would like the above at least 2 days prior to the start of the session. The picture and guide should be delivered via FTP or secure digital delivery service such as Aspera Connect or Media Shuttle. If delivery is to be via FTP transfer please start the transfer at least 3 days prior to start of the session. If an alternative needs to be arranged please make contact with us.

Recording: We record to ProTools v10.3.9.

Please specify your exact settings for the session setup.

Delivery: We can put the session on Hard Drive or place it on our FTP server or upload it to a client FTP server.

Ardmore Sound Foley Contacts:

Bookings: Alan Collins, +353 1 2865868,

Foley Mixer: Jean McGrath, +353 1 2865868,