'11 minutes' opens in cinemas this weekend / by Keith Jordan

Irish/Polish co-production ’11 Minutes’ opens in cinemas across Ireland this Friday, December 4th.

Directed by Jerzy Skolimowski, produced by Ewa Piaskowska of Skopia Film and co-produced by Andrew Lowe and Ed Guiney of Element Pictures with backing by the Irish Film Board, this riveting multi threaded drama revolves around the lives and loves of a diverse group of people during the course of the same 11 minute chain of events.

Starring Northern Irish actor Richard Dormer of Game of Thrones fame, the movie filmed for five days in Dublin last September before moving on to complete principal photography in  Poland, where it has already been picked as the nations entry for next years Foreign Language Oscar.

Ken Galvin mixed the film on the Main Stage here at Ardmore Sound, where we previously worked with director Jerzy Skolimowski’s on his earlier feature film, 'Essential Killing'.

Don't miss your chance to see this fantastic thriller on the big screen!