Another Escape article with the Ardmore Sound Foley Team / by Steve Fanagan

Jean McGrath and Caoimhe Doyle are featured in the current volume of the beautifully crafted, independent magazine, "Another Escape", where they helped give "an insight into the form and function of the Haunting Soundworlds created for the crime-thriller genre". You can purchase the Volume here.

Another Escape describes itself as, "We are big fans of the printed word (and image), and wanted to create a well designed tactile object that could slot onto your bookcase, sit on the coffee table or be slung into a rucksack. We believe that the interaction and experience that printed material allows is invaluable, and we look to be a permanent fixture on your shelf. Through our ethos we have created a magazine that looks to inspire and explore. In the future we look to expand our brand, but for now we are happy telling stories." You can connect with them on Facebook here and their website here.