Foley Workshops at the Killdruddery Film Festival this weekend / by Steve Fanagan

Ardmore Sound's Caoimhe Doyle and Jean McGrath were invited onto Tubridy on RTE 2FM this morning ahead of the Killdruddery Film Festival, which takes place in Kilruddery, Bray this Friday 19th - Sunday 21st September.  Lots of fun was had by all as they demonstrated how, with a hot water bottle and a few items from your kitchen press, you too can create the sound effects for your favourite gangster TV show. You can listen to the show on the RTE Player here.

Caoimhe and Jean will be running two workshops at the Killdruddery Film Festival tomorrow Saturday 20th, one for adults and one for children. Tickets for the workshops can be bought from the Killruddery website.

Caoimhe Doyle, Ryan Tubridy and Jean McGrath  on   Tubridy on RTE 2FM

Caoimhe Doyle, Ryan Tubridy and Jean McGrath on Tubridy on RTE 2FM