Award Winning animated short 'CODA' is now available to watch online / by Keith Jordan

Beautiful hand drawn animation, Coda, which was shortlisted for the 2015 Oscars, is now available to watch online!

The result of two years of painstaking work by a small team of dedicated artists, the film tells the story of a recently deceased souls encounter with Death.

Produced under the Frameworks animation scheme funded by the IFB, RTÉ and the Arts Council, Coda features the voice talent of Brian Gleeson (Love/Hate) and Orla Fitzgerald (Wind That Shakes The Barley).

Directed by Alan Holly with Ciaran Deeney Producing for And Maps And Plans,  Sound Post for Coda - which nabbed over 20 international awards on its festival run - took place here at Ardmore Sound. 

Michelle Fingleton was the Sound Designer, Garrett Farrell handled the Sound mix, and Andy Kirwan provided the spot effects.