the award winning 'To Sleep To Dream' coming to fringe FESTIVAL / by Keith Jordan

We're ecstatic to report that EarFilms award-winning production 'To Sleep To Dream' is coming to this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival (7 - 31 August)

For the uninitiated, Earfilms tell their stories through a combination of live narration and 'detailed pre-recorded soundscapes to create an atmospheric world similar to listening to, but not watching, a film.'

A unique cinematic storytelling experience that has sold out in New York, Melbourne, California and Brighton,  the feature length 'To Sleep to Dream' sees audience members blindfolded and seated in a 3D array of 23 speakers, where they lose themselves in 'a vivid soundscape storyworld with locations, characters and live narration that unfold around their ears and imagination. '

Part thriller, the story follows worker Jack Richards, who inadvertently slips into a strange world of resistance dreamers, journeying deep into his own subconscious while being relentlessly pursued by

Check out the incredible binaural 3D audio trailer for the event below. Please wear headphones to listen, as the experience will not work properly on speakers:

Full Sound Edit, Sound Design and Foley for the show was completed here at Ardmore Sound.

Sound Designer: Steve Fanagan

Foley Mixer: Jean McGrath

Foley Artist: Andrea King

For full details on tickets and more on the incredible upcoming event, click HERE